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Wedding Magic at its Finest – Wedding Magician

Your wedding day is possibly one of the most important days of your lives. Having a close-up wedding magician at your wedding is a great ice-breaker. It brings people together in a fun, animated and captivating way. Make your wedding stand out with truly unique entertainment. A special day that your family and friends will be talking about for years to come.

Below are a few options to suit various weddings. I also understand that everyone’s big day is unique and special to them. Therefore if you have any ideas of your own or want to discuss other timings I am of course more than happy to do this.

Bristol Wedding Magician

Wedding Drinks Reception

Hiring a wedding magician is great idea during the Drinks reception as an ice breaker. Get your wedding day off to a magical start. Ensure your guests are being fully entertained during this first part of the day with some engaging, fun, and animated wedding magic tricks.

I love performing during this portion of the day. There is such a lovely energy in the air when guests first come out of the ceremony. However there is usually a gap until the wedding breakfast. Having a Wedding Magician there to break the Ice and keep the energy flowing is a fab way to start your wedding celebrations in style.

Wedding Breakfast table magic

Magic during your first meal as a married couple is a brilliant way to keep everyone entertained. It’s ideal whilst guests are waiting to be seated, in between courses and before the speeches. Again, a wedding magician at this point in the day offers fun, laughter, and talking points to help break the ice around the table.

When people think of close-up magic, they more often than not think of table magic and a wedding breakfast is the perfect occasion. I move from table to table in between courses and ensure the joy and energy of the day continues throughout the meal.

Evening Wedding Magician

Fun and laughter. Magic after the wedding breakfast and whilst your evening guests are arriving is a fantastic way to get your wedding party off to the perfect start.

From experience I have found there to be a lull in the day in between the end of a meal and the evening party getting started. Magic during this portion helps to keep the energy of the day flowing from the afternoon into evening. Quite often guests are moved from one area to another whilst the evening entertainment is being set up. Having some entertainment during this time can ensure again everyone is well looked after and engaged throughout. It also works as welcome entertainment for the arrival of any evening guests. Again, this is the start of their party, and an icebreaker always goes down a treat.

Kids Magic Show

I am proud to say a portion of the work I do is at Family Attractions and Birthday Parties performing my family variety show ‘The Adam Allsortz Show’. I’m pleased to offer a scaled down 30 minute version of this show. This is perfect to keep any younger guests out of mischief during important parts of the day such as the speeches and during the wedding breakfast itself.

I’ve been performing Children’s shows for years. I have a host of large, visual magic tricks and ability to keep the children engaged throughout. This is a perfect way to ensure the smaller VIP wedding guests have something to really make the day one to remember.

Not available as an individual service, can be added to Wedding Packages

Complete Wedding Package

Magic through-out your wedding day! Performing at both the early drinks reception, through the wedding breakfast and into the evening party. An experienced wedding magician performing through out the day is a brilliant way to ensure your guests are being looked after and entertained from start to finish.

I like to think of myself as a professional wedding crasher. I try to get to know everyone and make genuine connections with the guests through-out the day. The best way to do this is to take away any time pressures and have me entertaining friends and family both during the drink’s reception and the evening party.

One of my favourite moments when performing throughout a wedding is when a guest finishes their meal and realises I am performing in the evening time at the wedding as well. It’s a lovely to hear they are genuinely happy and excited to see a bit more magic. I am also always conscious to make sure a spend some time with the newly married couple and wow them with a few bespoke tricks. This can be tricky (excuse the pun) as of course they are being pulled from pillar to post greeting all their friend’s and family. With me being booked for the whole day makes sure they have some time to see a few tricks and get value out of the magic themselves.

Includes: Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast Table Magic & Evening Magic

5 Commonly asked questions about booking a Wedding Magician

How long do you perform for?

This can vary depending on which portion of the day I am booked for. A drinks recpetion can last anything from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Where as I tend to base magic in the evening time on 2.5 hours. This way it covers both the lull and evening guest arrival.

What Area’s Do you Cover?

I work all over the country, but over the last ten years I have mainly performed at weddings around the Southwest. I am proud recommended supplier at some of the top venues in Bristol, Bath, and the South West.

How much Should I Pay for a Wedding Magician?

Again, this is something that can vary from Magician to Magician. I am sure there are magicians out there who charge double my fee, equally I’d say be wary of anyone charging a relatively low fee. You want to pay not just for quality, but also the reliability of hiring a professional and established Wedding Magician.

What Style of Magician is best for suited for a Wedding

I think a good wedding magician should not only wow guests with interactive, engaging magic, but also really take the time to connect with them. I create a genuine rapport with friends and family and go above and beyond to make sure everyone is not only entertained but fully looked after.

Should a Good Wedding Magician have a range of tricks for All Ages?

A good wedding magician should have a range of tricks for all ages at the wedding and so if there are a lot of younger guests attending, you may be able to find a solution to keep both the adults and children entertained throughout the day.

  • positive review  Great party for my 9 year old son, kept all the kids attention throughout the whole party with his amazing magic and riddle telling! Everyone had a great time. Thank you.

    David O'Neill Avatar David O’Neill
    15 November 2016
  • positive review  An exceptional magician and all round entertaining guy. Adam engaged with our wedding party so naturally and had everyone coming back for more – to summarise: fun, personable and very talented.

    Stewart Rees Britton Avatar Stewart Rees Britton
    23 December 2016
  • Adam, I have no words to explain how awesome you are and how you made our wedding even more amazing! Everybody loved you and you were such a great laugh! Thank you so much!!

    Vicki Willis-Dent Avatar Vicki Willis-Dent
    3 June 2017
  • positive review  Thank you so much for making Archie and Jude’s 11th party so amazing! The kids loved it and so did the adults. Absolutely amazing highly recommended! ����

    Lisa Stone Avatar Lisa Stone
    21 July 2018
  • If you want out standing magic from a truly awesome gent then Adam is the man. It’s amazing how fast his act changes for kids to being able to handle even the difficult of punters ( Sorry about Oli lol) . So give this man your money and I assure you he will make your day Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis Avatar Chris Lewis
    19 February 2017