Ever wedding I do is Unique and Special and this one was no Exception  

Children's Wedding Entertainment

Massive thank you to Ross, an old school friend; who through the wonders of Facebook noticed I was a wedding magician and recommended me to James and Nicola. Having also spent some time with James growing up (mainly playing football, or attempting to on my part, in local parks) it was a pleasure to come and entertain James and Nicola's friends and family, young and old. 

Children's Wedding Entertainment
James and Nicola that just leaves me to say a huge, massive thank you and I look forward to catching up properly with you and Ross soon. 
Receptive Crowd, a Professional, Genuinely Warm and Friendly Venue, the Opportunity to perform my Children's Show and all this just 10 miles away from my Old Family Home. 
Upon arrival I was impressed from the out set with Tudor Barn as a venue. It as an elegant yet relaxed and warm feel and the staff echo its brilliant charm. Growing up in the surrounding area I remember it starting up around 15 years ago and great to see it has grown from strength to strength. 
As I was driving from Bristol and between you, me and anyone else reading this my automobile is on its last legs I arrived in plenty of time and was greeted by Nigel Fielding the Toast Master. Nigel did a superb job; he had a great way with everyone and I was particularly impressed with his ability to walk into an area and get the immediate attention of the room, this is a great asset when rounding people up for photos. 
I did manage to catch James and Nicola at a quiet moment, as everyone filtered into the wedding breakfast, to perform a special trick just for them. I made a playing card with a personalised wedding message written on it disappear from my deck and reappear in the Grooms top jacket pocket. At this point James simply said No, shut up (which we'll excuse him), I never even took my jacket off!!!) LOVE IT :)  
James and Nicola's guests were a treat. Receptive, a joy to perform for and generally just great fun. Upon leaving I was asked by the Grooms father to do one last trick for a group on a table who I'd not managed to see earlier (I think they were in the majority off photo shots). I was then treated to 15 mins with one of the most animated people I've had the pleasure of meeting. I'll put it this way my usual patter, jokes and banter during the tricks were not at all necessary as this gentlemen supplied it all and gave me a good run for my money. 
The last thing that made this Wedding special was Nicola wanted some entertainment to keep the children busy during the speeches. So I quite literally donned my Children's Entertainer Hat and had the attention of most of the children at the wedding for a good 40 mins. This is something I will be added to my wedding packages and shortly to be marketing separately.  
Children's Wedding Entertainment
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