Massive Congrats to Vicki and Ant!!!! What an Awesome Couple 

Wedding Magician Tortworth Court
Vicki and Ant booked me for the whole day at the brilliant Tortworth Court, it really is an exceptional wedding venue.  
There were 50 guests during the day with numbers increasing as we went into the evening. I was conscious being there all day to ensure I allowed to people to also chat and relax; not bombarding them with trick after trick 
I'd like to think I got this balance spot on and pride myself, using my experience in hospitality to really understand the vibe and people's moods throughout an event. 
It was great to be back at Tortworth Court, Vicki and Ant were even kind enough to include a meal from the bar during the wedding breakfast, its necessary to re-charge the magic powers haha; I can fully recommend the club sandwich. 
Wedding Magician Tortworth Court
Performing for and getting to know Vicki and Ants Friends and Family was a Treat :) 
Having had this lovely couples wedding date in the ole calender for well over a year now it was great to meet up with them a few weeks before the wedding at the Gables Hotel. 
Sat out in the courtyard, bathed in stunning sunshine and enjoying a pint of cider we all agreed that if it wasn't for driving and other priorities we'd have been happy to stay there all afternoon. Great banter, magic and of course a bit of discussing their wedding day; after all that's why we were there. 
Wedding Magician Tortworth Court
Ant and Vicki's family, welcomed me right from the off. It didn't take me long to get the vibe of the group and to say laughter and cheeky jokes were at centre of the days performance would be an understatement; honestly not sure I've laughed so much at a wedding. 
I didn't see the speeches (see early point about the club sandwich) but having since seen a clip of Ant playing the guitar and serenading Vicki as a part of his speech I must say .... what a hero haha. Really stunning work mate well done. 
I stayed of course and had an obligatory post magic cider also important in recharging magical powers and enjoyed a bit of a boogie; a special mention must go out to Vicki's granddad, if I can move like he does when I am his age I'll be a happy magician. 
That just leaves me to say a massive thank you to you both for not only having me at your wedding as your close up magician but welcoming me as a friend to enjoy what I know will be a day you'll remember the rest of your married lives. 
Wedding Magician Tortworth Court
Wedding Magician Tortworth Court
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